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Mother Teresa US Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 6 months ago)

It would be fare to say, that 100% of all casualties in Middle East, r killed by muslims (mostly arabs) or because of them. Israel NEVER unprovoked attacked her enemies. Israel does unprecedented efforts to minimize her casualties & her enemy. Muslims do unprecedented efforts to maximize there casualties & there enemies.

Islam, Greatest Lie in History US Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 6 months ago)

Mosab Yousef, author of “Son of Hamas” presents his viewpoints very graphically in a TV interview CBC News. Without paying attention to the attempts by the journalist to stop him, Yousef states that the main danger comes from the fact that a fourth of the world’s population believes in this Allah cult and that it is a religion from God. Google YouTube Hamas Leader Son Mosab Has-san Yousef “Islam is the Biggest Lie in History & Biggest Danger”

ludmila IL Observer (8 years 6 months ago)

Hamas kill more his and israeli children

anoyance Observer (8 years 7 months ago)

hamas hardly doesnt have any weapons an your\'ll telling us that he kills more children when Israel is one of the most powerfull nations in the world

chris IL Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 7 months ago)

Hamas deliberately targets and murders children. This has been demonstrated countless times.

Glorye from Austria AT Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 7 months ago)

What?Are you blind? Natural,the Ha-HA-mas kills more!!!!!

Who is aggressive? SE Observer (8 years 7 months ago)

Israel only defends itself against agression. Any country including Sweden would do the same. If Hamas stopped their activity I\'m sure Israel would not attack gaza. Let\'s get real. We can all see what hamas is doing. Any living thinking man understand what hamas is doing. We see what they do, not what are said. We judge after action, not after words.

what??????? LB Voted for Israel kills more (8 years 8 months ago)

israel kill 1300 most of them womens and childs while hamas kills only 82 this is only in gaza war. so look every day israel kills palestine

ALP to Pete US Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 8 months ago)

When an Israeli bomb (any size) hits Gaza, it was Hamas who pushed the button. Pursuant to natural, ethical and all other law, a nation can and must defend itself. (There is no exception in the case of Israel, except under the Koran.)Therefore, if you fire rockets at a nation for 7+ years, you are pushing the button to fire the defensive rockets.

@pete SE Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 8 months ago)

But you ARE a damned stupid liar. Israel did not use \"giant\" bombs, rather comparable small. They did target hamas who hid under women skirts. Then it is impossible not to kill civilians. This is said so many times before. If I was a parent to a killed child in gaza I would go and finish as many hamas criminals as I could. Shame on you pete.

Pete CA Voted for Israel kills more (8 years 8 months ago)

Everybody who voted that Hamas kills more children. Look at all the statistical data. Its bloody simple. When Israel drops giant bombs over urban centers (re: Gaza, Beirut) it kills hundreds of children. Plain simple. Im Jewish but not a damned stupid liar.

AL P- Hamas causes all deaths US Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 8 months ago)

Hamas starts the violence. Therefore, Hamas causes all resulting deaths.

ALP US Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 9 months ago)

Every child killed in this dispute is killed by Hamas, the unjustified instigator of violence and cause of Israel\'s need to act in self defense. All Muslim males should feel that they will have to answer for this before they are entitled to their 72 virgins. The females should figure out a way to save the males from their own ferociousness.

Yuval yusufov IL Observer (8 years 9 months ago)

Hamas is everytime shooting on us we trying to make a peace but they dont want take a simpel (gilad Shalit) we want bring him home but they want alot of terrorists higher than 600killers that kill alot of childrens and adults!. also the hamas is killing is own persons to heart us (Terrorist) They are humans or monsters ? Israel Is Trying the best she can to solve the issue bitween Hamas and israel.

IsraelForEver IL Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 9 months ago)

Hamas started the war the IDF protects us !

Chris Observer (8 years 9 months ago)

Hamas didn\'t kill a children she is not like a zionists armies to do that !!

DaveInDorset Observer (8 years 10 months ago)

So I\'m quietly minding my own business when you aim a rocket at my local school. I return the compliment but my rocket is bigger and better than yours. As the Yanks say - if you can\'t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

ALP US Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 10 months ago)

Arabs! N.B.: If A (Arab attack) causes B (Israeli retaliation) and if B causes C (accidental child deaths), then A causes C. In other words, Arabs are causing accidental child deaths.

ALP US Observer (8 years 10 months ago)

In the sequence called Cause and Effect, the first unjustified act of aggression is the Cause and all consequences of that act are the Effect. Hamas is the cause of all deaths in the dispute between Hamas and Israel.

ALP to Hamas US Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 10 months ago)

All who understand that for every cause there is an effect know that a rocket launched toward Israel causes Israel to launch a rocket. Any ensuing death was ultimately caused by the first rocket. The chain or causality ends with Hamas because they acted without justiication, shooting from land given to them in exchange for a promise of peace.

By: Peace, May 24, 2009


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