Hamas kills more vs. Israel kills more   Does Israel or Hamas kill more children

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Hamas kills more
Israel kills more

Hamas is the party responsible US Voted for Hamas kills more (7 years 11 months ago)

When they start, they are responsible for the finish.

Initiator is Killer US Voted for Hamas kills more (7 years 11 months ago)

As the party which starts the violence, Hamas is morally and legally responsible for all return violence.

Those killed by defending party US Voted for Hamas kills more (7 years 11 months ago)

have really been killed by the attacking party. Keep killing your own children, Muslims - your 72 rewards await you.

All victims are victims of Hamas US Observer (7 years 11 months ago)

Hamas pulled all the triggers on Israeli guns. All the children who dies were killed by Hamas.

HAMAS ARE MURDERS SE Voted for Hamas kills more (7 years 11 months ago)

2000 rockets...not one by mistake...2000!!! Why? What was the purpose with 2000 rockets from Hamas? Shooting rockets at Israel...WHY? Hamas can not invade Israel. So again...why 2000 rockets? What was the goal? Was Hamas seeking for peace well-being for their children by shooting rockets at Israel? A friendly gesture? Hamas caused all the blood gone wasted. Their own blood. How barbarous!!!

To Muslims who caused all deaths US Observer (8 years 6 hours ago)

Whether the trigger was pulled by an Arab or an Israeli, the agressor is the cause. HAMAS IS THE AGGRESSOR. ISRAEL IS THE DEFENDER. If you do not know this, then you are incapable of knowing anything.

The TRUTH US Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 1 day ago)

On December 1, 1947 the Arab Higher Committee proclaimed a three-day strike, and Arab bands began attacking Jewish targets. Civil war began with the Jews initially on the defensive but gradually moving into offence. The Palestinian-Arab economy collapsed and 250,000 Palestinian-Arabs fled or were expelled. They have been hating the Israeli ever since. They use their children as weapons. A wild animal knows better than Hamas

Omar SA Voted for Israel kills more (8 years 2 days ago)

The fact is clearer than the sun! The butcher Israel killed more

almog IL Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 7 days ago)

Hamas Kills More! And That Is A Fact.

How Eloquent is Islam! US Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 10 days ago)

See last comment below.

fu_ck-fu_ck DE Voted for Israel kills more (8 years 16 days ago)


Saddened US Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 17 days ago)

Hamas kills more children; Hamas kills its own children; Hamas does all this without compunction or remorse. Hamas must be buried.

Alex Ross MX Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 21 days ago)

It can be best described by the famous saying of Golda Meir, \"... we will forgive them, (the Arabs Muslims) for killing owr children, BUT WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM FOR MAKING OUR CHILDREN KILLING HEIR CHILDREN\".

Anton IL Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 22 days ago)

HAMAS kills more children - all of their children may be called killed because of the regime and the brainwashing they get. STOP harming YOUR OWN children, please... it is bad not only for us!!!!

eitan IL Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 24 days ago)

Hamas kill for the killing. Blood is their aim, with this any child,especially theur own, is a good target

Hamas kills its own US Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 24 days ago)

Congratulations, Hamas. You are unique in this regard.

One is too many US Observer (8 years 25 days ago)

Who cares who kills more? One is too many. Only we adults can stop it - the children cannot. We can stop it only by talking and each giving in just a little. Each seeing each other;s humanity and not hating. We must start by agreeing that both sides are human and by seeing what has brought us to this point. PLEASE.

ZIONISM IS TERRORISM US Voted for Israel kills more (8 years 25 days ago)

Putting the Palestinians in concentration camps cutting off water and humanitarian supplies, bombing their hospitals and schools and homes, making them crawl on their hands and knees with their hands up for hours TO GET TO THEIR OWN HOMES should be ample incentive for them to given UP EVEN MORE OF THEIR LAND TO THE PSYCHOPATHS OF ZIONISM

hamas for ever QA Voted for Israel kills more (8 years 28 days ago)

fucck israel

Uzi IL Voted for Hamas kills more (8 years 29 days ago)

It is not a question of mathematics. The question should be who intends and tries to kill more. Hamas bombs civilian settlements with the open purpose to kill as many civilians as possible, children included. Arab children were killed during fights, not on purpose, mostly because the Hamas people used the civilian population as human shields.

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By: Peace, May 24, 2009


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